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Raising Awareness Wild Tigers Conservation With W.T.F

Raising Awareness Wild Tigers Conservation With W.T.F

We are Proud to Announce Sponsorship to Raise Awareness Wild Tigers Conservation

The Tiger is an apex creature and on top of the food chain. The Tiger going extinct is the first indicator for the end of humankind. Only 2200 Tigers exist in India and 3900 in the whole world; it's time we act and drive change.


Why We Support W.T.F

We support saving and increasing the Tiger Population as it was Gods Plan to have Tiger's Roam the Earth. I hope that this trip will highlight the plight of the diminishing population of the Tigers not only in India but other parts of the world for many reasons. We are on the brink of the largest mass extinction of the Tiger Population. This Roar Trip and show the public of the plight  and hopefully convince the poachers that killing Tigers for Jewelry,Furs and bones is not a viable option. 

One of the greatest adventures for adults and children is touring a habitat to see tigers and other animals roam in their natural surroundings this also supports the country by tourism and jobs for local guides. If we allow poachers and people to kill and encroach on the tigers and other wild animals habitats we are not only destroying nature as planned by God but we are losing jobs and tourism. As the Tiger population diminish so do the other animals around it.


Meet The Wild Tiger Foundation


ROAR TRIP - An Awareness Drive for Tiger Conservation

Who - Gautom Menon - Founder of Wild Tiger Rum / Wild Tiger Foundation (WTF), and Paul George.V - Creative Designer for Wild Tiger brand

What - To raise awareness and funds for Tiger conservation in Southern India in a highly publicized and promoted world-wide initiative.

Where - A 25,000 Km's journey from Kerala to Cannes in an Indian vehicle, crossing 25 countries

When - Starts on Mon July 29th (Intl Tiger Day) and ends in Cannes, France on Sat 5th October at the TFWA Duty-Free Expo (same venue as Cannes Film Festival)


Ramping up anti-poaching measures. Maintain and enforce laws banning Tiger products at all times.

Reduce Human & Tiger Conflicts

Reduce Human- Tiger conflict by providing innovative solutions and educational programs to communities in the forest fringes to reduce conflict between tigers and local communities. Increase political will, funding, awareness, and commitment towards saving the Tigers

Protect Tiger Habitat

Restrict and monitor Tigers in captivity across the globe.Protect Tiger habitats, existing national parks, establish new protected areas for Tigers and create corridors that connect parkland and allow Tigers to roam freely to find adequate prey, and mates for breeding.Continue critical Tiger wildlife research and monitoring techniques, which help improve Tiger conservation methods, reduce human-tiger conflict, and keep track of which Tiger populations need the most help.

Stop Demanding Tiger Parts

End all demands for Tigers parts immediately, encourage consumers of Tiger products to change their extravagant and outrageous habits. Ramping up anti-poaching measures. Maintain and enforce laws banning Tiger products at all times.


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