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Roar Trip Crew Visit Terracotta Army!

Roar Trip Crew Visit Terracotta Army!

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Roar Crew went to see The Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian we were mobbed everywhere and as special guests  were introduced to Mr Yang Gaojian who first discovered in the Spring of 1974 The Terra Cotta Warriors and shocked the whole world.

He saw Terry wearing his Bravo Fashion John Lenon Style Sunglasses and asked where he can buy a pair? Here he is seen wearing Bravo Fashion John Lenon Style Sunglasses and signed a copy of his book.

“The decision to be a sponsor of the ROAR TRIP has been one of my best business decisions.

The response from people on the street has been fantastic.

Five days have flown by in spectacular fashion and I’ve enjoyed every moment being with ROAR CREW, wish I could spend a little longer.

To reiterate our commitment to saving Tigers, we have commissioned a new range

of Bravo Sunglasses inspired with Tiger Print, and we would Donate 10% of sales not just profits from this range towards Wild Tiger Foundation which is

run by Wild Tiger Rum” - Terry Smith



Please note -

The new Range of Tiger print “Polarised Sunglasses”

will be available in time for TFWA Cannes 2019


It’s been a pleasure having Terry join and regale us with many of his adventurous stories. I personally love his hustle nature.

He has seen the very highs and lows of life, and even at the age of 71, his enthusiasm and passion is akin to a young entrepreneur. He is one feisty Aussie who is not willing to give up on building his brand in Duty Free. We wish him nothing but the best.

We are going to miss him and look forward to catching up over a ROARTRIPPIN cocktail at he finish line in Cannes.

We are being mobbed by Chinese people and families everywhere we go reading our Chinese Bravo Fashion Sunglasses Sign people are in cars filming the car as we are driving calling out putting thumbs up when we stop people surround us they come from every where taking photos we are often mobbed and hard to leave gas stations or restaurants or anywhere we stop we are wearing Roar Trip Hats, Shirts and Bravo Sunglasses and our Chinese guide is explaining all and we are using badiu translate and google translate to talk to a lot but many also speak English.



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