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99% of all the Sunglasses & Readers frames starting from the basic cost to expensive designer glasses are made from cheap plastic (Acetate) and break easily. Just like plastic cups and plastic plates. At Bravo we only use super lightweight armor plated stainless steel frames.



Here at Bravo Fashion we are passionate about making new modern, fashionable, stunning Sunglasses & Premium Readers. Technology Stainless Steel Frames: as used on Armoured Vehicle/Fighter Drones Super light weight, strongest virtually indestructible. This allows you to use your Bravo glasses to be worn without breakage. Pet & Child friendly, 100% hypoallergenic.



We use only the best materials in the world. Therefore we stand by our product. This means if you lose them, if the glasses are stolen, if you break them, shatter them or even run over them, we will replace them for a highly discounted price. Bravo Sunglasses - Only $44.95 US + shipping & add a leather case $10.00 US



All Bravo Fashion Frames are made in Tibet by a team of dedicated Buddhist Monks with technology unknown to the masses. To make one solid piece of Lightweight Stainless Steel across the both legs and throughout the frame. On most Models using high end colored acetate strongly attached to the frames. With flawless, unique, stunning designs. Only available from Bravo Fashion & our retailers.


What is a Drop Ball Test?

FDA Requires This On All Lenses From Every Optic Manufacturer! Every Vendor Of Optics The Lenses Must Pass the FDA Dropball/ Impact Resistance Test! This Test is Only Required on Lenses. Not Frames!

  • 1. The impact test consists of a 5/8 inch steel ball weighing approximately 0.56 ounces
  • 2. The ball is dropped from a height of 50 inches from the horizontal upper surface of the lens
  • 3. The geometric center of the lens should be struck by the ball within a 5/8 inch diameter circle
  • 4. There cannot be anything restricting the fall of the ball
  • 5. A tube may be used to guide the ball to the lens; the ball may be dropped through a tube extending to within approximately 4 inches of the lens

  • Bravo Fashion Goes Above And Beyond Industry Standards! Our drop ball test exceeds FDA specifications, dropping a metal ball nearly 1 inch wide, and 1kg in weight. We Not Only Drop The Heavier Ball On Our Lenses We Drop it On The Polycarbonate Frames . Did You Know We Are the Only Vendor in The World That We Know Of That Use Strong Resistant Polycarbonate Frames. That are Hard to Break! All Our Competitors Use Cheap Plastic Acetate in This Price Range! 99.9% Of All Lenses in The World are Polycarbonate they can easily pass this Impact Test so Can our Frames! Why Buy Boring Me too Cheap Acetate Frames that break easily when you can order beautifully Bravo Designer Frames at Low Low Pricing!


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